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GOOD NEWS For iPhone Users! Service Updates, And More

Our service department has expanded, and the wait is finally over! We are proud to announce that iC SuperCOMPUTERS can now service your iPhone.
The service department will still run on a first-come-first-serve basis, however, for iPhone repairs customers will now be asked to book a service appointment with us through Apple's support page. No need to travel far for an iPhone repair, look for our map and directions on our website!

Workshops available for the Summer season. Subject to change; if there are changes, it will show on our Training page. We keep that updated allllll the time.
See in-store for details.

We've also added Cables and other Accessories to the Miscellaneous page on our website. Send your friends to iC's online product catalogue so they know exactly what to buy you!
If you have any further questions, message us on Facebook.

Your's Truly,
iC Social Media Team